Are you an Ambitious

Wine O’Clock Drinker?

Let me help you stay sober when moderation is no longer an option and to begin living in peace not pieces, feeling healed, whole & free.

I help Ambitious Women stop relying on Alcohol to fuel their busy lives 

I’m Here to Help You!

If moderation is not an option and you’re in denial about how much you drink in order to cope, then you’re in the right place because I truly understand where you are – how many more day ones do you need?

If you want clarity in understanding why you are feeling this way then I can help you move forward by shining a light to help you overcome the blindspots that are getting in your way!

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Here’s what my clients say about the support they have recieved …

Having used Jojo’s services for additional support whilst I continue on my journey to become sober, I can confirm that it has been invaluable in helping me understand why I’ve found myself in the position I’m in. She has helped me unpick unresolved trauma, to understand some situations haven’t been my fault and to let go of the resentment and negative feelings I have about myself. But to also gain more of an insight into how our childhood years can have a bearing on our behaviour in adult years. If anyone feels a little more additional support / advice is needed you shall receive it in abundance from jojo, with clarity, compassion and knowledge.”


“Although I didn’t have a dependency issue with alcohol, I have been working with Jojo on my compulsive and addictive relationship with food. To me, Jojo’s presence by itself was amazingly calming and responsibly refreshing. She helped me to see through the lies I was telling myself about the lack of my own power, to create the life I truly desire. As a result of my work with Jojo, I have been able to access the deeper truth about my self and develop a greater trust to the intelligence of life itself that has contributed to my own transformation. Before, our time together I was filled with accumulated resentment, mistrust and fear. Every session with her opened up unseen possibilities in my own empowerment. If you are like me on the Path of Inner Power and self-actualization and struggle with any form of addiction, I highly recommend to allow yourself to be supported by Jojo. She is on a Divine Mission.”

Natalika L.

Jojo Bailey is a talented, heart-centered coach. She always helps me remember the importance of flow and trusting the unfolding. Her own life experiences have given her tremendous empathy for others. Judgment has no place in our conversations. Jojo fully sponsored me through a challenging time as my life was in major transition. She is whole heartedly dedicated to helping her clients become their own best friends and build their best life.”

Kathryn A.

You don’t have to do this alone!